Into the Woods

I had a run-on thought this morning. I've been having a lot of those lately, and they usually end with a "huh".  Here's mine today:

We all live… in our tiny homes, in our tiny worlds bustling like teensy ants on our tiny planet… and if by chance our tiny paths cross from thousands of miles away, we recognize our tiny-ness and if we get a glimpse of what is beyond ourselves throughout the universe, we recognize our tiny-ness, if we dare imagine a God far bigger than any god man has created, we recognize more than just our tiny-ness... we become infinitesimal. So then most of us don't dare or care to think that deeply. Instead, we vainly try to build each other up, to become bigger people. Then we knock each other down to keep each other from getting too big. We build ourselves up to stand above the rest. Then, we loftily try to take a servants bow and put others first, but in our subservient humbling grow even larger in our own minds. Soon we are looming as greater than thou and knowing the difference of right and wrong as if we've eaten from the tree in the Garden of Eden personally and of course we are right and they are wrong and we kick aside those who differ from us while at the same time we proclaim diversity and unity and love and peace. Meanwhile, our homes get tinier. Our worlds get tinier, we are too big for our own britches, we cross more paths and once again… and once again are reminded of… our tiny-ness.

Here's my latest painting finished. It's a 10" x 30" acrylic titled "Into the Woods":

(Click to enlarge)

I want to add, the above thought was not the inspiration for my painting. The following is:

From one of my walks last fall.... the contrast of this scene struck me - the cheeriness on one side of the trickling stream, and the foreboding sadness on the other. Yet, even in the midst of the cheerful, sunny trees on the left, is a darkness lurking and in the darkness on the right, there is hope of light sparkling beyond. The forest appears impossible to walk through, just as life does at times, but always an adventure. 


It has been almost a year since I last posted on here (things have changed here in the blogosphere and how it all works!)

Since my last posting, I discovered 99designs (dot com) a place that artists around the world compete to "win" logo and other art designs that clients bid on, I have competed in hundreds of contests on the site, have gone to the finals of many and have won a few. I have even developed a couple working relationships with clients beyond 99 Designs. One is a cosmetics company that I am working with right now (more later)! Meanwhile, I have not painted anything and truly have missed it....

I started a painting last week... it is a painting of the woods nearby our home at this time. It is from a photo I took in late fall... so it is kind of barebones and austere. On one side, the forest is in shadows, the other side is in light.... I want the painting to have a lot of meaning, and say a lot by saying nothing....

 but as I paint it...

all I am seeing is paint globs.